Blog Lights make a difference! How a painting looks

Lights make a difference! How a painting looks

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When decorating a room with a painting, it is easy to overlook the color of the light, even if you are elaborate about the color of the walls and the design of the frame. Depending on how you choose the light, the impression of the painting will change drastically, so it is important to be creative.

1. fluorescent light
When you illuminate a painting with fluorescent light, the colors look as if they have been exposed to clear daytime sunlight. The colors tend to look cooler, so it is easier to see cool or clear pictures beautifully.

2. incandescent lamp
Incandescent bulbs look a little retro nowadays. The warm orange light makes warm, calm, or vague pictures come alive.

3. LED
LEDs have strong blue light, so the light tends to feel strong to the eyes. If you choose a product that cuts out the blue light part, it will be easier to view pictures with colors closer to natural light.