Paintings for your room.
Created by a Japanese artist.


Decorating Your Home with Your Favorite Art – Living Life in Abundance

Home as a Place to Return to For us, our home is a place to return to, a place where we feel calm and relaxed. One’s room is a reflection of one’s inner self, and by comfortably arranging the space in the room where one spends most of one’s daily life, one can spend each… Read More »Home


How to decorate your home with your favorite artwork

We tell you how to decorate art in your interior space, room by room, at home. We would like to hang your favorite art (painting) on the wall or above furniture in the living room, dining room, bedroom, study, entrance, etc., where it becomes a point of interest in the interior design of the room,… Read More »Home

How to Light an Art Beautifully in an Interior [Lighting Selection]

When displaying an art in a room interior, the impression of the art will vary greatly depending on the choice of lighting and how it is illuminated. The human eye is sensitive to the color of light. This section explains how to select lighting (fluorescent, incandescent, and LED) and how to illuminate a art in… Read More »Home