Paintings for your room.
Created by a Japanese artist.

Lights make a difference! How a painting looks

When decorating a room with a painting, it is easy to overlook the color of the light, even if you are elaborate about the color of the walls and the design of the frame. Depending on how you choose the light, the impression of the painting will change drastically, so it is important to be… Read More »Home

Decorate a small palm-sized painting

The “Small Art for Your Home” shopping site offers small palm-sized paintings. Whether you have never displayed art before or you have your favorite art in your room, we always create palm-sized pictures that can be displayed in small spaces, with the hope that they will enrich your feelings in your everyday space.

How to decorate a small painting

Small pictures can be displayed in any room such as the living room, entryway or bedroom. What is the best way to decorate a room to make it a beautiful space? 1. Decide where to hang it.It is recommended to hang small pictures in places where you usually go near them, such as the space… Read More »Home