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Blog What Makes Abstract Art Good?You Decide What Is Expressed

What Makes Abstract Art Good?You Decide What Is Expressed

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We will explain what makes abstract art good and what it represents in an easy-to-understand manner in this article.

Until now, you may not have known how to appreciate abstract arts enough.

After reading this article, you will find a way to appreciate abstract arts with your own sensibility.

Please take a look when viewing abstract arts.

☑Table of Contents of this article.

  • What is an abstract art? You can know how to see it.
  • Abstract paintings are good art because they cannot be put into words.
  • Why are people fascinated by abstract arts?

What is an abstract art? You can know how to see it.

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Art that expresses itself in the form that the artist is feeling

Abstract art is art that expresses what the artist wants to depict in the form he/she feels.

Therefore, unlike “figurative arts,” in which you can clearly see what is depicted in the art, some abstract arts may not be recognizable at first glance.

What the artist depicts in an art may be different from the form you actually see with your eyes.

However, the artist is expressing it in his/her work in a form that you can see with your “mind’s eye,” which is the artist’s sensibility.

You decide what is expressed in an abstract art.

The interesting thing about art is that it is open to interpretation by the viewer.

Of course, it is important to try to feel the artist’s intention.
However, the fact that there are interpretations that differ from what the artost had in mind is what makes art so profound.

When looking at an abstract art, the viewer is free to interpret and appreciate what is being depicted.

In other words, you decide what is depicted in the abstract art.

It is natural for each viewers to have different interpretations.

The artist of an abstract art and the viewer of the work are two different people.

Art is viewed with sensitivity.
Therefore, it is natural that the same work of art will be interpreted differently by different viewers.

If you have your own interpretation of a work of art, you are fully appreciating the work.

The way to enjoy an abstract art is to look at the work and simply feel it with your own sensitivity.
There are many different ways to feel.

Art that expresses the invisible

The visible form of a thing does not always represent its true nature.

Many things have many invisible elements in addition to the visible form.

For example, the fluffy touch and warmth of holding a dog in your’s arms and the vitality of life are not always visible in the form of a dog.

In abstract art, however, what you feel can be expressed visibly in color and form.

In this sense, abstract art is an art form that expresses the invisible in visible form.

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Abstract paintings are good arts because they cannot be put into words.

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How should we understand abstract arts?

When you see an abstract art for the first time, you may have the feeling that you do not understand what the work is trying to express.

Art is a form of sensibility that cannot be expressed in words.
In other words, abstract paintings are art because they cannot be put into words.

Let us compare it to a novel.

By reading a novel, you can understand what the author wants to convey about a single theme and the worldview of the work.

Art is a means of expressing a world that is as profound as a novel.

Therefore, artists depict in their works what cannot be expressed in words about a single theme.

What you feel when you look at an abstract art is important.

It cannot be expressed in simple words, so the artist paints it.

Can you understand an abstract art by reading the Work description?

When you look at an abstract art, you might look at the commentary of the artwork.

There are 2 ways to appreciate art, as described below.
Both have their own way of enjoyment.

  • The way to read the commentary of an artwork and appreciate the artwork with the knowledge of the background in which it was created.
  • The way to appreciate an artwork without reading the commentary and without any preconceptions.

When a third party provides a commentary on an artwork, the commentator’s interpretation is included.

The commentary written by a third party is written by the commentator, who infers the artist’s intention in painting the work based on the historical background of the time in which the work was painted and the personality of the artist.

It is an interesting part of the work to know how the commentator views the work.
However, the artist’s intention may not always be the same as the commentary.

When looking at a commentary on a work of art, it is necessary to know that the interpretation is based on the commentator’s sensitivity.

For example, I wrote an explanation of sustainable art in The Hidden Goal of Sustainable Art [Ultimately, Zero Waste], but this is my own interpretation.

How does one’s view of a work change with interpretation?

For example, when you read a book translated from Japanese literature in English, you feel the characters are more American or British than when you read a novel written in Japanese.

The reason for this is the use of English and the translator’s added sensitivity to the world of the novel.

A novel translated by a great translator is a great read and a wonderful book.

The characters are more like local people when read in Japanese, but it is not possible to read novels from all over the world in their original languages.

Because the novel was translated through the translator’s sensibility, the expressions are more easily understood by people who use English.

Appreciating a work of art with a commentary written by a third party may be similar to reading a translated novel.

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Why are people fascinated by abstract arts?

different color leaves

How to enjoy abstract arts

When you appreciate an abstract art, you do not know if your senses are able to take in all the world the artist wants to depict.

However, abstract paintings are works of art that fascinate the mind.

Even if one lives for 100 years, it is not easy to understand all sensibilities.

Only the artist can understand the true theme depicted in the work.
Moreover, the work also shows what the artist painted unconsciously.

The best way to enjoy abstract arts is to understand abstract works of art from what you can understand and from what you can perceive with your own sensibility.

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you Can View Abstract arts in many ways

Not only in paintings, but also in novels, you can enjoy the same work of art in different ways when you look at it at different times.

The depth of a work of art that can be viewed in many different ways is its appeal.

Humans are curious.
It is precisely because we do not understand that we are intrigued.

Perhaps it is because we cannot capture it with our own sensibilities that our hearts are drawn to abstract arts.

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