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Blog How to Decorate Your Home with Your Favorite Artwork

How to Decorate Your Home with Your Favorite Artwork

Wouldn’t you like to spend time with your favorite art (painting) in a room interior?

If you want to create a beautiful interior space, you would like to know how to decorate art in different rooms.

We will tell you how to easily decorate art in different rooms, such as living room, dining room, bedroom, study, and entryway.

Hanging your favorite paintings in your home makes them cozy and comfortable.

☑ Article Flow

  • Hang art in the place where you can see frequently.
  • Where to hang art? How to decorate?
    • Living room
    • Home entrance
    • Bedroom
    • Dining room
    • Study room
    • Kitchen
  • How to choose the art lighting and how to light the room?

Hang art in the place where you can see frequently.

Interior with paintings on the wall above furniture

If you want to hang a painting in your interior, we recommend a place where you can see the painting frequently.

The first place where it is easy to hang paintings is in the living room.
If you hang a painting in the living room, you can create a relaxing space for your family and visitors.

The home entrance is another popular place to hang a painting.

The home entrance is a place that catches the eye of many people.
It determines the impression of your house.

In terms of everyday living spaces, you can display art in the bedroom where you want to relax. Also you can display it in the dining room where your family and guests gather and in the study where you want to spend time in peace and quiet.

Where to hang art? How to decorate?

Let’s take a look at simple ways to decorate each room.

Living room

If you want to hang a painting in your living room, choose a painting that matches your interior design style, such as natural, modern, or vintage.

A painting with an atmosphere where you can talk lively with family and friends, would be a good choice.

The living room is a space that looks great with large artwork on the walls.
If you are placing a painting above furniture, choose a painting that matches the size of the furniture.

A good place to display art is on a sofa, cabinet or shelf in the living room.
It is best to hang the painting on the wall above main furniture in the interior, to create a good balance.

Placing the painting in a framed stand above the furniture is also a good way to make an accent for the space.

I suggest that you display the painting at the eye level at which you normally view it.
Hang it at eye level when you are standing and where you can easily see it when you sit on a sofa.

There are no specific rules to decorate paintings. It is good to frame the painting to give it a more expressive look. And it is also good to hang a canvas painting with no frame on the wall with an S-shaped hook with a string.

Try different ways of decorating and find the one that brings out the best of the painting.

For tips on how to hang a painting in a contemporary modern interior, please see the article, How to Decorate Simple Wall Art for the Modern Living Room.

Home entrance

Home entrance is the face of the house. It is best to choose a bright or calm image.
The entrance is also a perfect place to hang a small painting.

Choose a motif that catches the eye when you open the door and walk in, and hang it on the wall next to a door.

It is also a nice balance to hang a medium size artwork on the wall at eye level, which is visible when you walk in through the front door.

For more detailed information on how to decorate a painting at the entrance, please refer to Tips to hang paintings for home entrance – choice & display.

Dining room

A painting in the dining room, where you can enjoy lively conversation with family and friends, will make the dining area a bright space.

Please try to choose a favorite painting that suits your dining room.

If you want to hang a wall art in your dining room, we also recommend Elegant Dining Room with Wall Arts Decorating Best Ideas.


The bedroom should be a place where you can relax and get a good night’s sleep.
Decorate it with paintings in relaxing colors and calm designs so that you can get a good night’s rest.

If you are keeping the colors of your bedroom interior consistent, you may want to choose a painting with an accent color.

Decorate it in a place that catches your eye when you walk in your bedroom or where you can look at it while resting on your bed.

You can also hang it on the wall above the bed, shelves, drawers, or other furniture.
If you illuminate the painting with a light, use indirect lighting to adjust the light so that it does not hit your eyes too strongly.

Enjoy a peaceful time with your favorite paintings.

If you need more detailed information, please see the article, Calming Bedroom Wall Art Decorate Ideas for Better Sleep.

Study (desk)

It is important to create a space in the study where you can concentrate on writing or reading.
I suggest that you decorate the study should be decorated arts that are refreshing to look at when you need a change of pace.

If the painting is too eccentric, it will be difficult to concentrate, so choose a painting with a design that blends in with the space.

Hang the painting on a bookshelf or a wall with a desk, or frame it in a stand and place it on the desk.

The recommendation to hang a wall painting in the study is written in 3 Nice Wall Painting Decoration Ideas for Study Room.


The kitchen is where you spend most of your time cooking every day.
Having your favorite paintings in the kitchen will make you feel cheerful.

I want to spend every day in a kitchen with a nice interior.

Tips for decorating a nice wall art in the kitchen are clearly explained in 3 Kitchen Decorating Tips for a Your Favorite Wall Art. Please take a look at this page as well.

How to choose the art lighting or how to light the room?

When displaying a painting, the choice of lighting and the way it illuminate a painting can make a big difference of the painting looks.

For more information on how to select and illuminate lighting, please refer to the article, How to choose art lights make paintings look beautiful?